Racket Game for Kids DIY


Introduction: Racket Game for Kids DIY

Welcome to a new tutorial to create new racket game DIY for kids.


To make the prototype will need :






To make the Wood setup we will need :


-items for high measurements

-tools to cut the wood including machines

-2 sheets of plastic or tissue with wood support

Step 1: Setting Up

To set up, build up the poles, in wood, or in the paper.

Then start to paint or 2 print on the plastic sheet or paper or tissue sheets.

Create a bullseye and a 3 by 3 table.

Be creative.

Have 4 poles of the same height. and cut the sheets in square sized proportionate to the poles.

When everything is ready place everything and organize the workspace on the ground.

Step 2: Building

the first step is to make knots with tied strings and create holes in the wood the get in it the strings.

Then place the table sheet on the ground, tie it to 2 poles that will be on the ground too, vertically.

On the opposite side, Take the second sheet that is already attacked and tied with the poles and stand it in front of the groundsheet. A suggestion is to make this in front of a wall for good support.

now make sure the sheets are flat and a little bouncy for a ball.

You can now customize the game and play it with friends. Don't forget a racket or twp with a bouncy ball.

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