Introduction: Radio Install

Hello I am Easton Braun. I have been putting new radios in cars for a couple years and have done it many times on my vehicles. I'm going to show you how to do a radio install that looks like it was professionally done and save you a lot of money. I am going to show you in six easy steps how to install a new radio. By learning how to do this you will be able to replace radios in most vehicles.


A radio, wiring harness and a screw driver are required

Step 1:

Start by removing the trim around the radio. To get the trim off remove the circle around the keyhole. Stick something around the main trim piece and carefully pop it out.

Step 2:

Once that is off remove the screws around the radio that are keeping it in. Put the screws in a container or bag so they do not get lost. Then remove the radio carefully making sure no wires are connected.

Step 3:

Now the new wiring kit will need to be crimped or soldered to the wires on the back of the new radio. This step is optional as you can buy the radio with the wires pre crimped.

Step 4:

Once the radio is out the new radio and wiring harness is ready to be put in. Plug in the new harness and put the radio in. It is always good to check if the radio works before you put everything back together.

Finally, if the radio turned on and everything worked, start to assemble everything that you took apart. Be careful to not break any clips and put everything back together.

Step 5: