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Introduction: Radio and Speakers

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I decided to make an radio for my father in law. Because he was always saying how great it would be to hear the sound from his old samsung speakers. But it was hard to hear that nice warm sound, because one day many years ago he wanted to repair his samsung radio, but he never got it back from the repair service. And I hardly convice him to give me the speakers from his shelf. They were quite dusty and not in very good shape. And because he is having his 60 birthday in April 2015 I wanted to restore his speakers and buld him a new radio. I think the supprise will be great. Hope you will enjoy my next steps as much he will when we will give him a present.

Step 1: START

  1. In the first picture you can se just an old bookshelf speaker case. It's nearly 20 years old
  2. I decided to use carbon foil to protect the wooden case. It's the easiest way to restore the speaker case andmake it look "noble" again

On the 7 picture you can see that I used black spray to paint the circle around the speaker hole. I did this because when i will put on the plastic cover you won't see any wood behind the speaker.


On the second picture the is shown the difference betwen the screw stand and without screw stand.

When I was finished with the speaker case I decided to put four screws and use them like stand for speakers, so the they wouldn't stay just on carbon foil. I removed the linen protection for speakers because it was already ripped of on some spots. But i did paint the circle around the speakers in silver color. Now the look is nicer and they look like new. I did put an aluminium handle bar on top of the speaker for greater look and easier transporting them around.


Speakers can't have the sound without amplifier...sure thing I decided to order an small amplifier from Ebay. It has much simmilar power output power like Lepai 2020A+ but this one has bult in radio and you can use your USB drive or SD card to play your music. And another great thing about comes with an remote controler.

1.) Find a proper size plastic dose to fit everything nicely in it. You can't use small dose because you don't want the radio will look small In addition of speakers.

2.) Find an proper power suppy for radio. I bought an 100W 5A 12V DC power supply. So it will be definitly enough power for radio and speakers.

3.) All other materials needed for radio. Speaker outlets and materials to cennect the wires in it. You can see the first two pictures how the "thing" looks "rough" inside. For the power input from 220V i used an XLR connector.

4.) I managed to put the antenna for radio on the plastic case and put the same handle bars on radio case like on the speakers. I used the same screws for radio stand like the speaker stand screws. It has to be some coonection betwen the speakers and radio. The color isn't enough ;)

Step 4: Testing the SPEAKERS and RADIO

I did make some test of this "thing" and I am impressed what sound can come out from the paper membrane speakers. Possitive supprise :) I did post this pictures so you can have an better image of speaker and radio size. The background LCD tv is 42''. And the radio with speakers looks big. And it should be, because the sound from it is one "big bang" too :)

Step 5: Progress With Radio

Finaly the "big day" has come. It was a great supprisse not just for my father in law but for all who was there. Everybody was really impressed with my project "gift". I really don't have any more pictures of radio and speakers because I was in a hurry to deliver it in time. There is missing a picture of remote control witch i connected to radio. But you can see a little ir diode in middle of radio to recive commands from remote. Happy again to show you my work and to see your comments.

Hope you like it, like i did when i was building it :)

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    7 years ago

    What kind of amp did you use?


    Reply 7 years ago

    i have used 2x50W amp


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for your comment! To bad i didn't have time to make better pictures :)