Rain Water Harvester




Introduction: Rain Water Harvester

I used a typical water drum, with the top cut off to make a lid. I made some slight modifications with the existing rain water drain pipe at the side of the house.

Step 1: Cutting the Top Off

With a hacksaw, I made an initial cut just below rim (about 2 to 3 cm below the rim). I go all around but I don't cut through. This is to make it easier when I actually start cutting with the electric jigsaw. Caution: wear proper personal protective equipment when using power tools.

Step 2: After the Cut

Once complete, it should look like this. Clean up any plastic fillings from the work area and wash the inside with clean water.

Step 3: Cutting the Rain Water Pipe

This part was easy because the pvc pipe is thin. I didn't take a picture of the cutting process, but what I did was use a hacksaw to cut horizontally on the pipe. Once done, see if the water drum can be placed just below the cut pipe. Otherwise, like me, I made a minor adjustment to aid the water flow. I used an old old container and cut out into half diagonally. You can look around the house for other similar items.

Now all I need is the rain.

This is my first project. Cheers!

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    Good Idea, But I find a lot of the water that goes through my gutter is already contaminated with bacteria and sometimes physical particles (bird feces anyone?). So remember to take precautions if you intend on drinking this. It would be better served as water for plants to grow etc...


    Reply 7 years ago

    This is for the plants only. And washing the car..


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    such as washing water as I heard it might be used for


    7 years ago

    Unless you want to breed mosquitos, I would put the tube into the barrel with a screen around it.