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Introduction: Rainbow Crayon Rorschach Tests

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Crayons are colorful and made of wax, so it can be fun to add heat and apply them with a brush.


Old electric skillet (from garage sales)

Old warming tray

Old or new crayons, paper removed. Avoid “washable” crayons. They don’t melt well.

small metal cups or tins for melting colors

paper to paint on

small cheap paint brushes

scrap of wood roughly half the size of your paper

small piece of fabric, felt, carpet, foam, paper towels, etc to pad the wood on one side.

Step 1: Strip the Paper Off the Crayons

Any kind of knife will work better than your fingernails. But if you are doing a lot, you might want to make my easy Crayon Stripper. It’s faster, safer and more fun than using just a knife.

Step 2: Heat Just to Melting Temperature

Don’t let the wax smoke. It's bad for you.

Step 3: Fold Paper

Step 4: Paint

Paint on one side. On the heat or off the heat. The wax cools quickly when the paper is cool which allows not much time to work it. On the heater there is more time to work but the wax may flow more than you want. Experiment.

Step 5:

Step 6: Fold and Press

Fold the paper again and press on the heat tray with your padded wood block.

Step 7: Unfold and Admire Your Work.

Step 8: Make More!

Psychoanalyze your friends. If you like this, check out encaustic painting. It’s an ancient art form using colored wax and resin.

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    1 year ago

    I love this project. and I love rorschachs. you get my vote!


    Question 1 year ago

    I wonder if ironing it a bit once it's folded would help the colors spread? Very cool idea!!


    Answer 1 year ago

    It definitely would...