Introduction: Rainbow Glitter Shoes

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I've been feeling a bit down lately, and decided the only logical solution was to make myself some Rainbow Glitter Shoes. It's a well known fact that sparkly rainbows melt stress, and fat too I think. Yes, that sounds right. I'll have that second piece of cheesecake now.....

Step 1: Gather You Materials

First and foremost, I needed a new pair of shoes. I'm on a very, VERY tight budget right now, so I went to the second hand store and grabbed the cheapest pair of shoes I could find. I was hoping for something all white, but I live in a small town, and we have very slim pickings for fashion items (and pretty much everything).

I originally was going to color the shoes with fabric markers, but the colors where not bright enough. I'm not sure if that was because they are too old, or if fabric markers just suck. Either way, I prefer sharpies. That's probably the reason the fabric markers sat there for years without me touching them. Colored sharpies are so versatile. I use them for almost everything. If you don't have a pack, I highly recommend you get one.

Shoes and sharpies can be all you use, but I wanted to add glitter as well. For that I needed extra fine glitter (in yellow), fabric medium, water, a container to mix everything in, and a straight edge paint brush.

Step 2: Color

Since the shoes have a pattern, I needed to first decide how exactly the rainbow should go on. I wanted to keep it simple, mostly for my own sake so I'd be less likely to mess it up.

I treated the lines like a zigzag pattern, going left to right (or vice versa). Starting from the toe and working up to the heel, alternating colors after each line.

I did not start with the same color on each foot. My socks don't match, why should my shoes? I really like the look of one being red/yellow, and the other being blue/green.

The flower petals are a combination of the color above and below. I colored the center of the flower the same color as the largest petals, then went over it with yellow to brighten it up.

Step 3: Glitter

As I mentioned before, the shoes looked great without glitter, so you really could stop here.

But I need glitter...

I had some fabric medium (Mod Podge for fabric) which dries clear, and flexible. I added extra fine yellow glitter (from the Dollar Store) and water to thin it down quite a bit. I'd aim for milk consistency.

I used a straight edge paint brush to apply the glitter mixture. This way I could get up to the edges without needing to tape them off first.

Step 4: Be Magical

When the Mod Podge dries it will be clear, leaving you with a fine dusting of glitter over your new amazing shoes. In dim lighting, you can barely see it, but in the sun they glimmer like magic.

**It can be hard to see subtle glitter in a photograph, so I attached a short video to give a better perspective.**

Eat your heart out Dorothy... This Wicked Witch has Rainbow Glitter Slippers!

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