Introduction: Rainbow Loom Fishtail

Rainbow loom FishTail

Step 1: Items Needed

Things you will need to make a fishtail

1. Loom
3. Clip
4. Rubber bands

Step 2: Start

Once you have all your items and you are ready to start let's go

First put one rubber band on in a 8 shape
Then put 2 more on normal

Step 3: Looping

Now your going to take your hook and go under to the bottom one and pull it over

Then put another band on top and pull the next bottom band and keep going

Step 4: Finishing It Up

One you have it long as you need let's get it finished

You should have 2 bands still on pegs what you do is flip the bottom one so there is only one band left on the 2 pegs.

Step 5: The End

It's the end now let's finish

Now take the band that's still on the pegs and take it of and put the clip on
Then clip the other side
And all done

Comment more and like and which I should do next thanks bye!