Introduction: Rainbow Loom Ladder

Step 1: Step 1

To make this bracelet you'll need;
A loom
A pick
Any color of elastics
And a c or s clip

Step 2: Step 2

Start from the left side and place one rubber band on the bottom and bottom left peg
Then add a band on the 2-3 bottom left peg and proceed upwards and turn right to the end of the middle peg ( look for picture reference)

Step 3: Step 3

Repeat for the right side

Step 4: Step 4

Place the bands across the loom ( look at picture for reference) skip the first pair and the last pair

Step 5: Step 5

Place the elastics from bottom to top until the end of the middle line

Step 6: Step 6

Turn the loom over

Step 7: Step 7

Place a cap band on the end

Step 8: Step 8

Start looping
Go to the cap band portion and cautiously pull the elastic band off the peg and onto the next one.
Continue with the rest of them until the end

Step 9: Step 9

Over lap the previous " clear elastics" ( depending on what colour you're using)
With another set over the small single portion

Step 10: Step 10

Start the left side of your border
Pull up the top " blue elastic" and put it on the closest left peg continue this forwards ( look at step 8 for reference)

Step 11: Step 11

Continue on the other side

Step 12: Step 12

Pull the bracelet of the loom

Step 13: Step 13

Lay down 8 elastics

Step 14: Step 14

Place the bracelet as the cap band

Step 15: Step 15

Flip the loom over

Step 16: Step 16

Start looping the elastics

Step 17: Step 17

Place the c or a clip at the end of the small chain

Step 18: Step 18

Pull the small chain off the loom

Step 19: Step 19

Attach the end of the main portion of the bracelet to the chain by using your c or s clip

Step 20: Step 20

Voila! You're done and you may do it in multiple colors! Moodle