Rainbow Loom Turtle Charm

Introduction: Rainbow Loom Turtle Charm

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A Cute Little Turtle Charm

Step 1: You Will Need

You Will Need

31 Shell Bands
18 Body Bands
1 Tounge Band
1 Eye Band
Loom and Hook

Step 2: Starting the Head

Start with the arrows facing towards you
Take the tounge band and strech it between the two pegs furtherest away from you
Then two bands at a time, place your body bands three down. Then with the eye band, loop it twice and place on the third peg

Step 3: The Shell

With two bands, place a bottomless triangle overlapping the head. Go three down, andupside down bottomless triangle. now run double bands down the middle, and put three single bands across the top three pegs horizontally.

Step 4: Arms and Legs

Quadruple (4) twist a Body band around your hook. Slide it onto a a band, ans slip it onto another.here you have one leg. place it at the bottom of the pegs ( see photo ) . make four and place according to the photo. there you have your arms and legs!

Step 5: Cap Bands and Looping

place a triple twist cap band on the bottom peg. now it's time to loop
for looping, loop as pictures show

Step 6: You're Done!

Yay! you have just finished a turtle on the loom! just pull it off and enjoy!

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    5 years ago

    Someone else made this exact piece. Did you come up with it?