Introduction: Rainbow Loom, Turtle Charm

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Step 1: Gather Resources

You will need:

  • A loom
  • A crochet hook
  • Some bands

Step 2: The Head

First place one band at the top of your loom, this will be the tongue. Then get two bands at a time and place them along the middle three times, this will be the head. Then get one band and twist it around the third peg twice, this is his eyes.

Step 3: The Shell

Get the colour of your shell and place two bands at a time diagonal each way. Placing two bands at a time, again, go down three pegs the diadonally in at the bottom. Repeat this on the other side. Then place them down the middle, two bands at a time. Place one band so that it makes a cross section on the shell, this will hold it toghether. Don't cross over on the bottom of the shell.

Step 4: The Tail

For the tail get one band and twist it around the crochet hook four times. Loop a band on the end of the hook and slide the twisted band over the hook and on to the band. Then loop it back around. Loop both bands on the end of the shell and place a cap band on top, two-times twisted.

Step 5: The Legs/Arms

Like before wrap a band, the colour of the shell, around your crochet hook four times. Then put two bands on the hook and slide the twisted band on to it. Then hook the band back on to the hook. Then hook two more bands on to the end of your crachet hook and slide them on. Then hook it back around. This is on leg. Place it like in the photo. Make three more. Place them on the second peg down on the shell and the last pegs, both sides every time.

Step 6: Hooking the Bands

Starting under his tail and the cap band hook the first two rubber bands over. Then get the next two bands and hook them over. And then hook the last two bands over. Then on the middle pegs hook them all over so it looks like the photo.

Do the same on the sides, when you get to the legs/arms pick up the very bottom two and hook them over. In the end it should look like the photo.

Step 7: Hooking the Head

At the top of the shell hook under all the bands and pull up the two green ones at the bottom, and hook them over. Continue this all the way along the head. When you get to the eyes just don't loop them over and continue looping as normal. Also loop the tongue.

Step 8: Finishing and Finished

Pull the bottom red band, on the tongue, over the peg and onto the same band, it should look like the photo. Pull the band still on the peg and tighten it. This is the knot that holds it all together. Pull it off and enjoy!!!