Rainbow NHS Acrylic Painting




Introduction: Rainbow NHS Acrylic Painting

I live in the UK where currently the nation is starting to recover but there is always a time where you can celebrate the wonderful NHS.


You will need:

(I'm describing the brushes since some numbers are different)

• A large brush

• A variety of square flat brushes

• And the paints you want to use to create a rainbow

Step 1: Getting Your Paints Ready

Getting your paint ready before you start is very important so you can paint without having to get another colour ready when you need it.

Step 2: Drawing the Logo

Before you paint anything I would advise you to draw the logo before hand just so you have a good sense of proportion and can make sure you have enough space.

Step 3: Dampen the Paper

Before you start painting you should slightly dampen your paper/canvass so the colours spread and blend on the page easier.

Step 4: Starting to Paint

Paint your first strip of paint in the colour you want to start with.

Step 5: Blending

Make sure the first colour doesn't dry completely so the colours are easier to blend .

Step 6: Going Around

When you reach an area where you have drawn your logo I would suggest to go around instead of painting on top.

Step 7: Just Repeat the Steps

Repeat blending to the next colour until you have finished

Step 8: Outlining

Before you paint, to prevent going out of the line, you should outline the logo so no mistakes happen. After you have done this, you can fill in the rest of the logo.

Step 9: Finishing

Before you fully finish, check that all the colours are blended and your logo is fully covered.

Step 10: You Are Done

Now you have finished your painting. I hope you enjoyed painting it as much as I did.


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    Reply 11 days ago

    No problem :)


    Tip 11 days ago on Step 1

    Don't wait too long after setting up your paints as they may dry out