Introduction: Rainbow Power Marble Keychain

Make some fun keychains or jewelry using marbles and hemp! This tutorial will teach you a square knot and fish net knot. The best thing about this project is you can be versatile and creative with it. I came up with this idea after being gifted a bunch of marbles and now I am sharing with you!


Marbles, safety pin, key ring, hemp and scissors.

Step 1: Getting Started

Cut 3 strands 36" each of hemp cord. Fold it in half and tie an overhand knot leaving a small loop for the key ring. Using a safety pin, attach it to your pant leg or secure to something else for knotting. Separate the strands by twos in three sections.

Step 2: Square Knots

The two strings in the middle will stay put and the strings on either side of it will be your "working" strings. Start with one set and cross over the middle and other working strings. Then take the opposite set and bring that over the strings, under the middle and then out to form a loop. You will then pull them over the middle string forming what looks like a square and make a knot. It may seem confusing to read but I took a lot of pictures and it is easy to do once you get the hang of it. Do a few knots, really as many as you want before getting ready for your first marble.

Step 3: Fish Net

When you are satisfied with the square knots, do an overhand knot to secure in place. Then tie the strings together by twos using an overhand knot and making the knots close to the big knot. Now take a string from one set and pair it with a string from another set and do an overhand knot. While doing this keep in mind the size of your marble. You need to do it with all the strings. Then do another round. Check to see if your marble fits before deciding to do more.

Step 4: Finishing Your Key Chain

After putting the marble in the fish net case, tie and overhand knot to secure it. From here you can basically design your keychain the way you want. For this one I did two more marbles and left a fringe on the bottom. Have Fun with your project!

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