Rainbow Inspired Lip Look

Introduction: Rainbow Inspired Lip Look

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To create this rainbow inspired lip look you will need:

A white lip pencil as a base for the colorful pigments.

A eyeshadow palette which has all the 7 colors of the rainbow.

lip brush and a lip moisturizer.

Step 1: Prep Your Lips:

moisturize your lips and blot away access lip moisturizer. Outline and fill in your lips using the white pencil. this will create a base for the colorful eyeshadow we would put on later,the eyeshadow would stick to your lips better and the white base helps for the colors to be opaque and bright.

Step 2: Create the Rainbow:

starting from one corner work towards the other corner, dip your lip brush in to the lip moisturizer and dip it in to the eyeshadow color you want to start first and apply to your lips in a patting mortion. I started with red and continued with the colors of the rainbow accordingly.

red> orange> yellow> green> blue> indigo> violet

Step 3: Keep Working..

Apply all the colors before blending, apply another layer over if the color is not opaque and blend using a dry brush with no lip moisturizer on it. using the same brush, apply the eyeshadow in powder form without the lip moisturizer in a patting motion. this helps it to set in place.

Step 4: Clean...

Using some concealer in a concealer brush clean around the lips to get an crisp edge. You can finish by applying a layer of clear lip gloss.

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