Introduction: Raised Flower Box (Pallet Wood)


  1. pallet wood
  2. screws
  3. saw
  4. pry-bar
  5. hammer
  6. stain
  7. dirt
  8. plants

Step 1: Gather Materials

I asked my father to bring 2 pallets home from work. The one on the bottom is a little bigger than the one on top. The boards on the top pallet are 40in long by 3 5/8in wide. The bottom pallets boards are 4ft long by 3 in wide.

Step 2: Disassemble Pallet

I used a multi-position pry-bar to pull the boards up. I learned that its way easier to pry the boards up when you move the pry-bar to different locations around the nails. Also never try to pry just one side first. Move the pry-bar around to different spots. I learned that the hard way, I broke a couple boards.

Step 3: Get the Wood Your Going to Use

I put all the wood I was going to use in a pile. I put the pieces that were intact in one pile and pieces that broke in another pile. I also put the 2x4s in a pile by themselves.

Step 4: Plan It Out

I drew it out so I have it right in front of me. Personally I like to freeball it but I wanted to see if this was easier. It kinda helped because I don't have to remember the measurements.

Step 5: Start Measuring

I found it was easier to measure all the boards and draw the lines where i'm going to cut vs cutting one then measuring the next.

Step 6: Start Building

When you cut all the pieces you can start building. Start by screwing your bottom side piece onto both 2x4s. Only use one screw per side for now. When you are done doing both sides take your longboards to connect both side pieces together and screw them to the side of the 2x4 like in the picture. Then build your box up by starting on one side and go in a spiral pattern. When you have the basics of the box done it's time for the trim pieces. The trim pieces cover up the screws I am using nails to hold the pieces on because personally I think nails look cleaner. I know I'm using the wrong hammer but thats all we had. My father is a mechanic not a woodworker so we don't have a claw hammer I don't think. Now it's time for the top pieces. You would have to cut the boards at a 45 degree angle to fit the way it is in the picture.

Step 7: Done Building Before Stain

This is the final project if you don't want to paint it or stain. If you are planning on staining it like I am keep going but if not you can stop here.

Step 8: Sand Box With 40 Grit Sandpaper First

I am starting with 40 grit sandpaper because it is pallet wood and its kinda rough.

Step 9: Finish Sanding With 160 Grit

I finished with 160 grit sandpaper because it does'nt need to be super smooth. Its staying out side so their is no reason to go any farther

Step 10: Stain With Desired Color

Stain with a sponge brush. Stain with the grain but if you want it darker stain it against the grain

Step 11: Fill With Potting Soil

Fill with whatever soil you prefer I filled it with Miracle-Gro potting mix and left about 1 inch of space from the top. After this fill it with whatever type of plant you want.