Raspberry Pi Ad-Blocker for the Whole House!

Introduction: Raspberry Pi Ad-Blocker for the Whole House!

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All you need for this project is a Raspberry pi. I used a 4, but you can even do this with Pi Zero. You also need an SD card with Raspbian lite on it.

Download Raspberry Pi OS Here.

Step 1:

Before you put your SD into the Pi, you need to navigate to the 'boot' partition and create an empty file called 'ssh'. (New> Text Document) call it ssh (no .txt extension). You may need to unplug and plug back in the SD.

Step 2:

Unmount your SD card and plug it into the PI. Make sure you have a monitor, mouse and keyboard to set it up with. The default user of the Raspberry Pi is pi, and the password is raspberry. Okay, I lied. Take the SD card out and put it back into your computer. Make a document called 'wpa_supplicant.conf' and paste this into it 'ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev







Changing yourssid to your network's name, and yourpassword to your network's password. Now pu it into your pi.

Step 3:

Type this into the terminal of your Pi. 'wget -O basic-install.sh https://install.pi-hole.net' then, 'sudo bash basic-install.sh' Click OK as many times as it asks you to. when you come to the static IP part, set that up too. When it asks you to choose a DNS server, choose google.

Step 4:

When you come to something that looks like the picture above, just leave it the same.

Step 5:

Since we want to block ads regardless of the Ip protocol version, leave that the same.

Step 6:

Yes, we want to install web interface. This is so that we have a dashboard to refer to later. Also, install a web server. If you don't you can't use the dashboard. Also set log queries to on.

Step 7:

Use the default in privacy mode, so that we can see everything that the Pi blocks from the dashboard.

Step 8:

This is super important! Write down the password somewhere so you have it later. You need it!

Step 9:

It should say complete on the pi now. We are now ready to go over to our freshly installed Pi-hole Dashboard. You can access it inside your browser by typing “” or “http://pi.hole/admin”. Change the IP address according to your setup. I would use the first one, because you need to configure your DNS for pi.hole/admin, and I won't be going into that.

Thank you guys so much, and please vote for me on the Pi Day contest!

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    ooooo heey, I saw one of these and attempted to make one just it costed to much.