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A simply Laptop with raspberry pi 3 ( https://youtu.be/IGrRys5JJhQ )

Step 1: The Suitcase

I used two picture frames, attached with a hinge and I added a handle and closed. Two wood panels to make the top and the bottom. Decorated with colored adesive paper.

Step 2: Video Panel

For the video panel: touch screen of a tablet, portable DVD screen (7 inches) a touch screen controller card, an LCD monitor controller board (50 pin tts output) with HDMI-VGA-COMPOSITE input, a 5volt fan, a switch, buttons of a telecomande.

I do the cutting for the screen, the holes for the fan and the screws, the holes for the buttons of the screen and I fix everything with hot glue. All components use 5 Volt,all system is 5 Volt.

Step 3: The Bottom

In the bottom I placed the raspberry, a power supply of an old laptop (220 volt in and 18.6 volt out 2A with a step down circuit to get 5 volts 3A) a PAM8403 and two speakers powered by 5 volt powerbank , bluetooth keyboard.The case closes perfectly and contains all necessary.With a powerbank 11000mAh the PC works several hours without problems and I can bring with me everywhere.

If you have questions, I'll answer you.

Raspberry can use many and diffrents Os like Lakka,recalbox,retropie(games emulators) or ubuntu mate,raspbian and other for server/media center or daily usage.....you have a choice....have fun and thank you to watch :)

Step 4: Update_

Update: memory card reader (USB), Light Scribe DVD reader (USB), Rj45 connector, bluetooth keyboard with touchPad,sure remote control available for Display and sound reglages....

All composants work fine on Ubuntu Mate and Raspbian....

Thank you to watch..... :)

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    Question 3 years ago on Step 3

    I have a RaspPi 3 Mod B, is this what you were using in this build? I have a Minion case i want to do this with, but I am having issues with the wiring interface. I have 2 broken TTD tablets, but can't find the right wiring harness for them. One is a Panasonic 7.0 and the other model QMV78. Any ideas or thoughts to where i can link these up to my Pi? Any help would be awesome...