Introduction: Rat Care and Cages

Hi my name is Morgan Cox.

I have been taking care of animals since I was 10. I’m go to show you how to take care of rats. Today I am going in to show you in 6 Easy steps how to take of rats. Learning how to do this will help you learn more about rats, and make pet rats much happier and healthier.


Cage or Tank


Water bottle

Food Dish



Climbing Terrain


Step 1: The Cage

The cage is the most important part, this is where the rats will be staying for the rest of the time that they are with their owner. There is a wide selection of cages that are ok for the rats. Choosing a cage is very important. all of these cages a good, safe, and okay to use (Wire Cage, Plastic Cage, or Fish Tank)

TIPS: It’s very important to keep in mind when use a Fish tank that it is very ventilated, if not done it can become very hard for the rats to breathe.

Step 2: Cleaning the Cage

This next step is important, Clean the cage to make sure there are no dangerous items in the cage, and also to help clean germs off of the cage. Use hot water to rinse down the cage, Scrub it with soap. Now rinse it out with hot water and scrub again. (this insures there are no germs in the cage) Now rinse and dry off the cage.

Step 3: Bedding

Adding bedding is a very important part, because the rats just like many others like to sleep in beds, dig holes, or even use the restroom. Bedding provides a nice warm soft place for the rats to sleep, or to use the restroom. bedding can come in different variations. fluff, wood shavings, paper towels, wood chips, hay, or straw.

TIPS: When adding bedding, make sure to add a half inch of bedding to the cage and evenly spread it around. Change bedding twice a week or as needed.

Step 4: Toy's, Hides, Climbs, and Friends

It's very important that rats have toys to play with because they can become very bored very fast. Rats are very social animals and that's why they should be kept in groups. . Wheels as toys are also very good, they are fun and give rats exercise. Add all of the toys, arrange them in any order desired.

DISCLAIMER (not all rats want to have friends but most rats do!) DISCLAIMER.

Step 5: Food & Water

It's crucial for rats to have food and water these are the basic needs that are required to fill. Most people think it's best to have lots of seeds, nuts, and other starches for rodents, but not for rats its very fatty and can make them become overweight, the young adult rat food in the picture is all rats need, but it's not the best, they can have more. It’s important to give a variety to their diet, they can have fruits and vegetables. like apples, carrots, lettuce, pumpkin, blueberries, and strawberries. Add the water and the food to the cage

TIPS: Make sure to change the water every day! (water can become stale and they won’t drink it.)

Step 6: All Ready & Adding the Rats

Now that the cage is all set up and ready, we can add our rats. Be careful when picking up rats, if they feel scared or unsafe, they can bite or jump.

Everyday TIPS: Make sure to hold them securely and carefully. Also make sure to clean there bedding once or twice a week, it can get very smelly, with all the urine and feces in the cage. change their water every day. Fill their food bowl once a day, and only give them (hamster food) as treats.