Ravenclaw Bookmarks

Introduction: Ravenclaw Bookmarks

Show your house spirit with this ravenclaw bookmark

Step 1: Items You Will Need

- paper (any color and any size)
- scissors
- a ruler
- pencil with a eraser
- fine tip sharpies
- black fine tip pen

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Using the ruler and pencil measure out 7 1/2 inches in height mark the paper then cut on the line. Then put the ruler at the bottom of the page and mark 1 1/2 inches and cut up on the line.

Step 3: Drawing Part 1

Write Raven claw down the side of the bookmark in pencil. Then write a ravenclaw quote at the bottom.

Step 4: Drawing Part 2

Drawing the Ravenclaw crest, first draw the outline of the crest, then connect the banner piece, after that outline the inside, then draw lightly little slanted stripes. Next write the letters

Step 5: Drawing Part 3

First start to draw the the raven, erase part of the top to draw the wings, then erase part of the bottom and draw the body

Step 6: Outlining

Using a fine tip black pen outline the every thing in the crest let it dry for a while to prevent smudging then erase the pencil.

Step 7: Outlining the Words

Outline the words in a blue fine tip sharpie then erase the pencil underneath

Step 8: Add Any Details You Would Like

I added some lines under ravenclaw using my ruler and sharpie

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