Re-assembly of a Springfield XDM

Introduction: Re-assembly of a Springfield XDM

Ok everyone, you probably have this nice clean Springfield XDM, but it is in pieces, and all that stands between you and the target range is this inscrutable of how to put it back together. I promise it is fast and easy. You will be hitting bulls-eyes in no time at all.

Remember to follow proper safety protocol when handling firearms, and wear safety glasses.

Step 1: Reassemble the Upper Frame Assembly

Start by taking the barrel and sliding it into the frame. The notched part of the barrel should be facing you away from the slide.

Next take the spring, look at both ends. One end will be clean with no signs of wear, the other will have some small wear circles in the bluing.

Put the wear side of the spring in first and have it connect to the back part of the barrel. Then push on the spring to slightly compress it sliding the front end into the seat for it on the front of the slide.

When complete it should look like the fifth picture.

Step 2: Re-attach the Slide Assembly to the Lower Frame

Take the slide assembly and line it up with the lower frame tracks.

Push the slide assembly all the way back until you can lock it in place with the slide locking lever.

Note: you will fill more and more tension in the spring the further back you push it, this is ok. It means you are doing it right!

Use your thumb to push the slide locking lever up to ensure the slide stays in the back most position as shown in picture 4.

Step 3: Lock the Firearm Back Together

While the slide is in the back most position use your thumb to slide the frame lock lever in the front to the down position.

press the slide locking lever in the back, and allow the slide to go into the "loaded" position.

If assembled properly the slide will lock even to the front of the lower frame. If the slide moves beyond that point or can be removed from the frame it has not been properly locked. Go back two steps and try again.

Step 4: Enjoy the Range!

Your XDM is now reassembled go to the range, and have a good time!

Remember to follow proper safety and range etiquette.

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