Re-purposed Wire Hangar Belt and Tie Hangar



Introduction: Re-purposed Wire Hangar Belt and Tie Hangar

You don't want to go out and buy a hangar. So, I have created a way to take a wire hangar,and bend it into a functional and decent looking tie and belt hangar. This design can hold 6-7 items, but following the simple design concept, you could hold as many items as you needed. Think of this project as frugal wire hangar origami.

Step 1: Bend

Pull the hangar out to extend to almost full length. Then, fold over itself after the initial slope changes the the former main wings of the wire hangar. The idea is create small triangles that stick out from the general shape, which you can loop your belt around without taking off the rack.

Step 2: Fold Down

Fold back down, and you have created the first set of two hooks by folding the hangar twice. That's the concept, and surely if more time or care was given, a uniform and prettier design could be achieved. I focused on functionality, making sure that there was no overlap so I could access everything easily.

Step 3: Repeat

Repeat this process as you continue down the hangar. I decided to comeback up and to the middle for the last set of two.

Step 4: Hang Belts and Ties and Scarves

You may need to balance it out a bit by bending the main hook, and the you're ready to go! You bought nothing, and just used a useless wire coat hangar to hang your belts in a easy and functional way. Good luck!

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