Reading Instructables the EASY Way

Introduction: Reading Instructables the EASY Way

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This is a super quick and simple instructable that explains how i read my instructable pages easier. It simply takes advantage of the fact that every instructable has TWO websites, rather than one. And yes, when i found this out i, like you, was made to think that i have been living my life a lie. So read on, fellow instructable user, and find out the means in which i have made instructable viewing on computers easier for you!

Step 1: The Only Step Required!

So, as i was saying, every instructable has two websites, and i'm not talking about each different step. There is the one, which has small alterations the change each step, and then there is the one which the "All Steps" button takes you to. This button, found at the bottom of each step, right next to the "Next Step" button, is a Pro User button which allows you to access a page with all steps. But, if you are logged in with a non-pro account, or aren't logged in at all, you will be taken directly back to the page you were just on, not this all steps page, which is no surprise. But, in my constant stream of viewed instructables, i found one created by Instructables themselves. And, finally, i found the addition to all pages that i wanted, the add on that takes you to this all step page. By adding "?ALLSTEPS" without the quotation marks, to the end of the url of a page, you will be taken to the same website as the "View All Steps" button takes you to. And if you are having trouble, this is what the url should look like.

As the pictures show, The little button can turn a 14 step instructable into one page, and the addition of ?ALLSTEPS at the end of your url can help you also get the same result.

Thanks for viewing this instructable. A quick like or comment is much appreciated, and i would be happy to have a chat with you guys in the comment. Once again thanks, and ill see you in my next instructable.

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