Real Smoke Bomb




Introduction: Real Smoke Bomb

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Materials: sugar, potassium nitrate, pan, fire


1. Mix sugar and potassium nitrate together into any ratio that you want.

2. Put a fire to the mixture and watch it ignite in smoke.

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    5 years ago

    Hey mate,

    Appreciate you maybe trying to help, but this is highly irresponsible.
    "Any ratio you want" - This is HORRIBLE advice.
    Anyone, with little experience & even plain high school education should be able to clearly say that this is incorrect.
    In a wrong ratio, stated in another comment it can be somewhat rocket fuel.
    Potassium Nitrate & Sugar can also be in a ratio for some explosives too!
    Also, this is for anyone wanting to make one of these.
    Use a 50% Potassium Nitrate, 40% Sugar and also 10% Baking Soda ratio.
    This will achieve a nice thick smoke out of the bomb, baking soda slows down the burn so you'll get a longer lasting smoke bomb.
    For the colors, you can use colored oil crayons.
    By the way you should measure in weight & not volume. (Grams, not cups.)
    Bonus tip: Use a portable outdoor burner on low, as if the mixture catches fire it will have a lot of smoke and you don't want that in your home!!

    ~ Nelson, a new player to the game haha.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    As nkz75 said, your instructions are so vague as to be dangerous. Did you know that potassium nitrate and sugar, when mixed in a certain proportion and contained, are also used as rocket fuel?

    You don't warn people about the kind of container that SHOULD be used, you don't warn what temperatures to keep it under when mixing it, and though I can't be sure, it looks like you ignited it only a few steps away from your house.

    You should take this down until you can refine it into something safer for other people to follow.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    You sound like a moderator. If you are an expert in this type of stuff then inform the viewers in this comment here.


    7 years ago on Introduction


    I know we should be nice at our comments. But I must leave a warning...

    Mixing sugar and potassium nitrate on the fire is dangerous, and unless you know what you are doing, you are endangering yourself and others.

    Maybe you should stop copying things from other sites because that can lead others to dangerous situations. Or at least inform yourself better first!

    I will try to make an instructable the next time I do smoke bombs, I hope it can help you to get some more info on that.

    Best regards!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Potassium nitrate and sugar do not produce yellow smoke. You have copied the images from here :
    This is a commercial site which sells smoke bomb kits. Your "recipe" will only produce white smoke.