Introduction: Real Snowglobe Holiday Card

I made these with my Third Graders last year and they were a big hit. It's cute to see yourself (or anyone else) sitting in a snowglobe that really works!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-scrapbooking paper
-cellophane envelope
-small picture of yourself
-other sparkly things

Step 2: Make Yourself Into a Snowman

Using white cardstock, cut out the shape of a snowman no bigger than 1" tall. Decorate your snowman with buttons and a paper scarf.

Take the small picture of your head and glue it onto the head of the snowman.

Add a hat if you want.

Step 3: Make the Snowglobe

Put your snowman into the cellophane envelope and add glitter and other tinsle-like things. I also added little hole punched circles and stars made from pretty papers.

Step 4: Create the Card

Take your cardstock card and fold it in half. With a large circular hole punch, cut out a circle in the card. This is where the cellophane envelope will go.

Using your scrapbooking paper, cut out a triangle or rectangle to be the base of your snowglobe. Glue it to the cover of the card and cut along the edge of the circle to make it look like the circle is on top of the base.

Step 5: Attach the Snowglobe

Open the card and place the snowglobe on the inside with the opening facing up. Using tape, tape the snowglobe to the inside of the card. Make sure you completely tape the opening of the cellophane envelope so no glitter comes out.

Step 6: Write Your Holiday Message

Take a marker or pen and write your message!

Happy Holidays!

Step 7: In Addition

If you don't like the way the taped cellophane envelope looks on the inside of your card, you can use another piece of cardstock, cut the circle out of the middle, and glue it to the inside of your card. This will look much nicer, but is harder to get exactly right. If you want to do this, I suggest that you use the large hole punch on both pieces of cardstock at the same time so the hole is in exactly the same place.