Really Easy Cute Scarf

Introduction: Really Easy Cute Scarf

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This scarf is a fabulous DIY I made in no more than two hours. You should try it too!

Step 1: Slip Knot

Take your yarn and wrap it around once on to fingers. Then wrap it around again. On the front side of your hand, you should have one wrap. Make a D with your yarn and put it through.

Step 2: Chaining

Chain as wide as you want your scarf. To chain you put your slip knot on the hook and wrap around with your yarn. Put the slip knot over the yarn. To chain others, do the same thing but without the slip knot.

Step 3: Single Crocheting

Now that you have all your chains, let's learn the single crochet stitch. To do that, you should have one loop on your hook. Now take your first chain and put your hook in the middle. Then wrap around and put the first chain over the wrap. Then wrap and put two chains over. Continue this until you used all the chains.

Step 4: Continuing

All you have to do is keep on single crocheting until you have desired length of the scarf.

Step 5: Ending

To end, tie a knot through the loop. You Finished!!!!

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    7 years ago

    I hope this scarf works. It is for absolute beginners who know how to make a slip knot and single crochet. Please tell me if there are any problems. Be free to tell me any suggestions to use as an instructable