Rearview Mirror Gloves

Introduction: Rearview Mirror Gloves

Made my dirt bike street legal. So, I needed rear view mirrors that could collapse for off road riding. Hence the gloves!

Also useful for bicycling, hiking, skiing and looking around corners

Step 1: Supplies

Gotta love the dollar store!

Pair of gloves

2 eye makeup mirrors

Paper clips


Everything $1.00



Needle nose

Something round to make a spring, Phillips screw driver

Step 2: Clean Out MakeUp Cases

Clean out make up and give to a girlfriend..

Step 3: Paper Clip Spring

Make a spring wrapping paper clip around smaller diameter phillips screw driver.

Step 4: Attach Spring

Glue spring to make up case.

See tips at end.

Step 5: Paper Clip Spring/mirror Stablizer

Bend paper clip as shown to lock around spring and also provide stability to mirror in wind.

Step 6: Glue to Gloves

I used a rubber band to find best angle to glue mirror. Also plastic bag for any glue soak thru.

Step 7: Done Good to Go!!!

Also nice area for small storage. Bend paper clip up for Stability.

Step 8: Tips

Rough up gloss on make up case. Make smaller diameter spring.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Once as a kid I attached 0.5cmx0.5cm mirror to the sides of an old goggle inspired from the gadget in the movie "True lies".