Introduction: Reassembling Your Dining Room Chairs

Hello! This is an instructable for a friend of mine, so to that friend I say, Here are your instructions on how to reassemble your dining room chairs!

Step 1: Gather All the Parts for the Chair

Here is what you need for each chair

1. Chair seat

2. Two front legs

3. Two back legs

4. Black crisscross bracket

5. Ziplock bag with nuts and bolts

6. Wrench (for nuts)

7. Allen wrench (for bolt)

The chair seat, legs, black crisscross bracket, and the Ziplock bag containing the nuts and bolts are all labeled by number. The chair legs are labeled "front leg" and "back leg" as well. (Chair #4 is pictured.)

Step 2: Attach the Legs to the Black Crisscross Bracket

Take notice: The front legs and back legs have different top brackets that attach to the chair seat.

(Also some of the chairs are missing a washer or two, etc. Just use all the hardware in the ziplock bag for the corresponding chair regardless if any hardware pieces are missing.)

Each leg is attached to the black crisscross bracket in two places with a bolt, 2 spacers, and a lock nut. Start by putting the back legs on the ground like in the picture, then follow steps 1 through 4.

1. Place a spacer on a bolt, then slide the bolt (now with the spacer on it) through the leg hole

2. Slide another spacer on the bolt and wiggle it into the leg

3. Use the mounting hole in the black crisscross bracket and slip it over the bolt

(the black crisscross bracket goes in between the lock nut and second spacer)

4. Now screw a lock nut on the bolt to secure the leg to the black crisscross bracket

Repeat steps 1 through 4 until each leg is attached to the black crisscross bracket

Step 3: Assemble Chair Seat to the Legs/crisscross Bracket

Now that the legs and black crisscross bracket are assembled its time to attach the Chair seat on top, and finish putting your chair together. When attaching the legs/crisscross bracket to the chair seat make sure that the "front legs" and "back legs" are screwed on correctly. (front legs in the front of the chair & back legs in the back of the chair)

1. Place the chair seat on its face so you can line up the legs with the mounting holes on the bottom of the chair seat

2. Set the legs/crisscross bracket on the chair seat

3. Line up the leg brackets with the chair seat mounting holes

4. Place a washer on a bolt and then screw the bolt into the chair seat

5. Secure all 4 legs to the chair seat with a washer and a nut

Double check that all the chairs nuts and bolts are secured tightly and now your done!