Introduction: Reattach a USB Charging Cable Housing Cover With Sugru

How to re attach a separated piece of housing to a USB Charging cable.

These steps will show how I used sugru to repair a USB charging cable.

First we see the troublesome cable.  The housing has detached itself, which means some exposed circuitry, and no stress relief, so the wires are able to bend sharply at the circuit board. 

1.  Use a small amount of sugru to cover the currently visible circuit board.  This should help hold the molding in place, as well as protect the circuitry from additional bends or short-outs if the housing becomes separated again.
2.  Ensure that the existing strain relief is properly in place, and reattach the separated housing.  Wipe away any excess sugru.
3.  Create a roll of sugru for a ring around the outside of the housing.    I used approx a 1cm wide ring, and made it long enough to wrap around the plug at a point below the shoulder.  This is meant to help hold the housing in place, but also has a nice side-effect of helping to color code the cable.
4. Wrap the housing.   Use paper or other smooth material to blend the seam. 
5. Wait for the sugru to cure, and done!   :-)