Rebel Alliance Earrings

Introduction: Rebel Alliance Earrings

The Phoenix Comicon is coming up and I am excited to be going. I find it a wonderful place to be. Most everyone going has sometime in their life been outside the norm and made to feel bad about. I would say the same thing about most of the makers contributing to this space. Consequently I find when groups like this assemble, they try to be as inclusive and open to all kinds of people no matter how strange their passions seem.

At Comicon people come to share, Be it their passion and knowledge for Science Fiction, alternate realities, magical realms or whatever, they are exited to share and appreciate others who share. Some share their collections. Others share their passions. Some like to dress as different characters and show off their accomplishments. I once met I guy at a tavern that was very vocal about the time and effort these freaks spent on their costumes. I laughed and said that was really rich coming from a man who knew ALL the baseball stats, and I mean all, for at least the last 75 years and had spent thousands of stupid little cards I used clip to the spokes of my bike with clothes pins. He looked hurt and I said that everyone is different. Celebrate it or criticize it, everyone is odd to someone else. I chose to celebrate it.

So for this Comicon I decided to make Rebel Alliance earrings and hand them out to people that look like they would want them.

I am not including steps because it is the same as other earring Instructables I have posted. Download the attacked pattern to laser, cut out earrings, and assemble. The pattern is set up to make 168 earrings from a piece of acrylic sheet 12" square. I used translucent red, 3/32" thick. You can edit the pattern for whatever size material you have.

Now I will be at Comicon Friday June 3rd for most of the day. I will be wearing a brown nerd domo shirt. If you see me, stop and say hi. I may even give you some earrings. Latter I will follow up on the day .


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