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Introduction: Reclaimed Wood Wall Shelf

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Put some character onto your blank wall by filling up space and displaying your knickknacks!

Step 1: Find Your Materials

I used 6 bed slats that I had laying around.

Step 2: Make the Frame

By nailing the corners as seen. I used nails from a random box I found in my kitchen shelves. BTW: All the slats are the same size.

Step 3: Insert a Shelf

Use the fifth slat and nail it in place at the height u feel would be useful for you.

Step 4: Build the Insert

Cut the sixth (last slat) in half or at whatever random (near mid-length) you desire, and nail it in place as shown. You can even put it on the other side... I don't know why mine ended up on the left side, but I could've easily just flipped the end result around, too.

Step 5: Inspect

Inspect your work and add some Mug Hooks on the bottom. 4 can be had from your local hardware store for around 99 cents:)

Step 6: Fill It!

Place random things in it, and hang your hats or coats! Now, you have a place to show off your knickknacks and pictures yada yadas n such.

You can always:

-Stain or paint the wood w your favorite color(s).
-Use different hooks that match your style.
-Distress or age the wood.
-Do whatever floats your boat...
-You can even nail sheet metal as a backing in the small shelf for added strength, and use it as a magnet for memos n notes!

Happy decorating!

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    6 years ago

    I love this!!! It is so something I would do !! Gonna try this now lol !!!


    6 years ago

    xAwe: thx, I dabble and will soon put up an Instructable to simplify learning the uke.

    supTECH: no real reason for me need super secure joints... Screws are good if u need that.

    Seam, Atl: thank u:)


    6 years ago

    why use nails and not screws?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I like the design of this shelf! Very quick and easy, but it looks great. Nicely done!