Introduction: Recover Your Bluetooth Earphone

You probably have abandoned Bluetooth and wired earphones lying around because of some minute issues. These issues may include broken earbud housing, internal breaks in cables, damaged plugs, among others.

Usually, these damaged devices accumulate over time and at some point, you might have two or more damaged earphones that could be combined together to get a fully working one. This is what this whole instructable is all about.

In this, instructable, you will see how to combine a Bluetooth earphone with a damaged earbud and a wired earphone with a working earbud.


  1. Bluetooth earphone (with earbuds damaged or to be replaced with higher quality ones)

  2. Wired earphone


  1. Soldering iron and soldering lead

  2. Box cutter or blade

  3. Hot glue (optional)

Step 1: Disassemble the Bluetooth Earphone

Disassemble the Bluetooth earphone so you can have access to the electronics inside.

Be careful not to damage the circuitry during the process.

Step 2: Desolder the Old Earbud Cable

Desolder the cable connecting the damaged earbud (or the earbud to be replaced) to the circuit board, in the Bluetooth earphone.

Also, take note of the polarity of the cable you desoldered from the circuit board. In my case, the green cable was positive and the gold cable was negative.

Be careful not to damage other components on the circuit board. So ensure to use a good soldering iron.

Step 3: Cut the New Earphone Cable

Cut your desired cable length from the working wired cable that you intend to replace the damaged one. In my case, I wanted it to be a little long. Afterwards, scrape off the cable covering at the end of the new cab with a box cutter or a blade.

Step 4: Solder New Cable

Carefully solder the new working cable to the circuit board. Ensure you get the terminals correctly as noted in step 2.

Be careful not to damage other components on the circuit board. So ensure to use a good soldering iron.

Step 5: Assemble the Parts

Assemble the circuit board casing. Optionally, glue the soldered cable using hot glue to avoid removal from the board in case of a slight pull of the cable.

Also, if you have a hole after assembling the casing, as in my case, you can also cover that with hot glue to prevent the entry of any liquid.

Step 6: Charge and Enjoy!

Charge the earphone and enjoy it.


Some possible mistakes:

  1. Flipping the terminals of the earbud cable.
  2. Damaging another electronic component on the board.

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