Introduction: Recycle Bin Evergreen Tree Screen

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An Evergreen tree shaped screen to put your recycle behind so it won't be seen from the road or back alley.

As an added feature you can decorate it depending on the season or holiday or whatever you like.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

1- 2 foot by 4 foot sheet of chip board

1 - 3 foot long 2 x 4

2 - shelf brackets

exterior primmer and top coat paint

1.5 inch wood screws

small cup and eye hooks

A 2 foot by 3 foot base to mount it to, I used a small pallet that I had on hand.

permanent marker

Construction adhesive and caulking gun

Jig saw

power drill, and drill bits /screwdriver bits


Step 2: Layout and Cutting

My daughter Jen drew the shape of the tree, I cut it out with the jig saw.

Step 3: Painting and Assembly

The tree was primed along with the cutout parts that make the branches. The cutout parts when glued and screwed to the front of the tree give it a 3 dimensional look.

The tree was then painted with an exterior green paint.

I also added a 1 x 2 x 21 inch board at the bottom of the tree front, I predrilled several 3/8 inch holes so that decorations could be inserted. It was painted brown.

I fastened the 2 x 4 to the back of the tree, it was then fastened to the base with the shelf brackets.

Add cup or eye hooks to each branch

Step 4: Using the Screen

Position it where you usually keep your outside recycle bin.

In the picture I used two bags of earth on the base to keep it from tipping over.

Step 5: Decorate It.

Celebrate: The seasons, your country's national day, your country's national sport, a holiday, your sport or favorite beverage, diversity or whatever you want to celebrate.

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