Recycle Peppercorn Grinders

Introduction: Recycle Peppercorn Grinders

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Restaurants toss these when empty. I collect 'em when they do. Pop the tops, add new spice/peppercorns, replace the tops and I’m ‘good to go’ and saving money, too!

So, I gathered up three empty one-use grinders, a funnel, some peppercorns and a measuring cup and a cup of (Very Hot) water to share how you2 might save a few pennies.

See the video:

Step 1: Prepare to Recycle Your Grinder(s)

Assemble Equipment

Container of Peppercorns (or dried spices)

Access to running Water Source


Microwave Safe Container (Measuring cup?)

About 4 0z water in container

One or more used Pepper/Spice Grinders

Paper Towel

Oven Mitt or Pot Holder

Hair Dryer (Optional)

Step 2: The Process / the Steps

Bring the water in measuring cup to a boil.

Put an empty pepper/spice grinder 'top down' into the hot water.

Leave it there for twenty seconds.

Remove the grinder.

Holding the plastic top (it will be HOT) with the pot holder and the glass with your other hand, pull the plastic top off the glass portion of the grinder.

Use a bending motion as if attempting to break the two parts in two.

Wash out the plastic top and grinder glass.

Dry each piece thoroughly.

Using the funnel, refill the grinder with peppercorns (or dry spice(s)).

Place the clean, dry, plastic top grinder piece onto the glass and the pair onto a hard surface.

With the palm of your hand, press down onto the grinder top until it 'pops' into place.

There, you've done it!

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