Recycled Can Bird Feeder

Introduction: Recycled Can Bird Feeder

I was searching around in my recycling bin for something to make a birdfeeder out of when it suddenly hit me! An old can was the perfect thing! Colorful, sturdy, and flexible, old drink cans make great birdfeeders! It's very quick and easy to make them, and you can add some precautions to make sure the birds don't get hurt.


An Old Drink Can, Popsicle Sticks, String/Jute, Granola/Cereal, Tape, Scissors/

Step 1: Select and Clean Your Can

Choose a can made of aluminum, as it needs to be flexible enough to cut. Once you have chosen one, clean off the mouthpiece and rinse out the inside. This ensures that there is no residue or bacteria.

Step 2: Cut the Opening

After gathering your small variety of common household materials, begin your project! Start by carefully poking a hole in your can. Cut a big portion of the aluminum out of the front of your can. This will be the opening of the birdfeeder. After cutting out a rectangular shape, continue to cut about a millimeter on the edges of your can.

Step 3: Fold Over Edges

Fold over the edges of the aluminum into the inside of the can. You should be folding about a millimeter, pushing over the extra divots you made by cutting a little extra. This should make a smooth edge, which is important because we don't want the birds to get cut by the sharp metal edges.

Note: Be careful, and try to avoid hurting yourself!

Step 4: Tape the Edges

Tape over the folded edges to ensure that no sharp points are sticking out.

Step 5: Poke the Perch Holes and Position Popsicle Sticks

With a pair of scissors, carefully poke holes in the sides of the can. You don't need to cut at all: these holes should be small enough to tightly fit a popsicle stick. Poke an identical hole directly across the inside of the can, and slide the popsicle stick through both sides. There is no need to tape the edges once done. I positional the popsicle sticks so that they are poking through the can in different directions, allowing birds to sit on multiple sides of the can, as well as inside.

Step 6: Poke Flap Back Up

Now that you have access to the inside of the can, poke the metal flap back up through the top with your finger. Now lodge it in the middle, closing the gap. You might even be able to open it back up, let the water through when it rains (or pour water in yourself), and make a mini bird watering hole!

Step 7: Make String Hanger

Slip the string/jute through the ring-opening-popper at the top of the can. Tie the ends together. Make sure that the string is long enough to be hung from a tree.

Step 8: Add the Bird Food

Not everyone has bird food laying around, so make a yummy treat yourself by putting dry cereal, granola, oats, or a combination of the three into the bottom of your birdfeeder. Since the popsicle sticks poke all the way through, they can sit inside - out of the rain - and eat!

Step 9: Finish

You've made your recycled-can birdfeeder! Hang it up on a sturdy branch in a place where birds can access it, but high enough up to keep it away from dogs and raccoons. You can take it inside when it rains if you want, or you can leave it out. I hope you enjoyed these instructions! Have fun!

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