Recycled Coffee Container & PVC Tubing Catch All



Introduction: Recycled Coffee Container & PVC Tubing Catch All

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This is a simple and inexpensive catch all for small items. The idea is to use a coffee container with lid and some old pvc tubing one may have around the shop. I use this idea to clean up after a project by placing the items I used to preform a task in this catch all. This can also be used to gather items you know you will need to work on a project as well. Simply place the lid and transfer the items to the job site. This also helps when putting the items back in their designated space. No need to run back and forth to the pegboard or tool box. This is also better than placing all the items in a five gallon bucket and having to dig and sort for the items.

Step 1:

1. First decide how long you want the pvc to be, its up to you.

2. Cut the pvc to desired lengths.

Step 2: Fill Container With the Pvc Tubing.

1. Start by placing the pvc tubing in the coffee container until all of the tubing fills the container.

2. No need to glue because the tubing should fit tight in the container.

3. Fill the container as needed.

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