Introduction: Recycled Duct Tape Roll Organizer

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So I had a bunch of left over duct tape rolls from previous projects and I felt like throwing away the empty rolls would be a huge wait. Instead I collected them until I had enough to make the project you see here before you today. So I hope you enjoy this instructables! :)

Step 1: Prep

This project is a relatively easy and simple project to make.


  • Empty duct tape rolls (I used 32 in all to make 16 cubbies but if you want to make it smaller you can use less rolls and just apply the same principals.)
  • Actual duct tape
  • card board/poster board


  • Box cutting Knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Lots of glue sticks
  • A marker

Step 2: Assemble the Cubbies

Now that you've got the materials, you're going to make the cubbies where your miscellaneous items will go.

  • First take 2 rolls and tape them together length way as shown above. Make sure it raps around the inner and outer side of the rolls.
  • Do that again on the opposite side of the cylinder
  • Now where the two rolls meet width side, cover with tape all the way around
  • Do this until you have a total of 16 taped together rolls

Step 3: Adding Some Color

Now you're going to cover all of the cylinder with tape. Make sure no cardboard is showing. This step is pretty self explanatory so there's not much I can say other than, MAKE IT COLORFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):)

Step 4: Attaching

You're gonna want to plug in your glue gun before anything else to it can warm up. Make sure you have lot of glue sticks near by because you are most certainly going to need many. Once you actually apply the glue it is important to remember to work quickly since the glue will dry quickly.

  • So I glued them together in 3's as shown above, you just have to glue them together so that they look like Mickey Mouse.
  • Gluing them together by 3's takes care of the top 2 rows except for 2 rolls which you just have to glue on after you glue the Mickey's together.
  • When gluing the Mickey's together you start with the one roll on top and then the next Mickey has the 2 rolls on top and the rest alternate as such (there is a picture above of it).
  • Then once all the Mickey's are attached as well as the lonesome 2 you have to attach the bottom row. For the bottom just add them one by one, it's really easy not much to it.

Step 5: Cutting Out the Back

Now that the cubbies have been made and glued together its time to give our organizer a back so things don't fall out.

  • Take your cubbie comb and place it on your piece of cardboard, get out a marker or writing utensil and trace its outline
  • Then grab your box cutting knife and cut it out
  • Grab some tape and cover one of the side with tape like shown above, the side that is covered with tape is the side we are going to be attaching the rolls to.

Step 6: Almost Done

We are in the final stages :). The next step is to attach the rolls to the back.

  • This is pretty easy, place the rolls on the duct tape covered side of the back. Then glue the entire length of the edge, going ALL THE WAY AROUND
  • Once the glue has tried cut off any excess cardboard that't sticking out
  • Then cut normal strips of tape in half and use the halves to go around the edge of the organizer to cover the glue (shown above in case the past sentence made no sense to you ;)).
  • Lastly cover the rest of the back with tape.

Step 7: YAYY!! WE'RE DONE!!!

Admire your new beautiful Recycled Duct Tape Roll Organizer that you will use for years to come!!!!! :)

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