Recycled Gravity Car

Introduction: Recycled Gravity Car

About: Recycled Planets is a project funded by various environmental organisations to promote sustainability.

In this Instructable you will be making a gravity car from recycled components.

You will need:

- can,

- stone or piece of clay or blu tack,

- 2 mm metal wire,

- 0.9 mm metal wire,

- pliers,

- empty rubber ball for the head,

- three wheels,

- rope,

- hammer,

- nail,

- old stress ball,

- thin rod (to attach the wheels),

- piece of jewellery or a few beads for the crown (optional),

- thin screw driver to make the hole in ball (optional),

- plastic or rubber hose bits or straw for the back wheel (optional),

- ruler (optional - you can use metal wire),

- raffia pollot (optional - you can use metal wire but raffia pollot is better for environment),

- permanent markers (optional - to draw the smiley face).

Step 1: Make the Hands

Punch two holes with a nail and hammer.

Punch one hole on top of can for the head that you attach later (please read to end of this Instructable).

Use pliers to bend the 2 mm metal wire to make the hands.

Step 2: Attach the Front Wheels

Use nail and hammer to make to holes the wheel rod and attach the wheels.

Step 3: Attach the Back Wheel

Attach the back wheel with metal wire. Note how I tied the rope to the wheel. The hose pieces are optional. You can use a straw or even nothing if you use a thick metal wire.

Step 4: Attach the Head

Punch a hole with a nail or screw driver. Do it slowly to prevent injury and do not apply force. Put the hole on top of the can.

Step 5: Attach the Ruler

You can attach ruler with 0.9 mm metal wire and raffia pollot. You will need to make many turns to secure the ruler.

Step 6: Make the Crown

You make the crown with metal wire and stone. You can attach with raffia pollot.

Step 7: Attach the Crown

Make a hook with metal wire to attach the crown.

You are now done.

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    1 year ago

    Nicely done. Thank you for sharing your work.
    If you use two driving wheels, and wind the strings in different ways, you can even "program" your car to turn at points in its drive. This video shows an example at around the fifteen second mark.