Recycled Phone Box Organiser

Introduction: Recycled Phone Box Organiser

Do you have an old phone box in your drawer?

Do you have things lying around that are in desperate need of organising?

If so, it would be work it to look at this hack.


Old phone box

Craft knife




Glue or Tape

Wrapping paper

Step 1: Remove Inner Compartment

Before we start, you need to remove the compartment that comes in most phone boxes. This is often stuck in, so you may need to stick your crafting knife in the side and pry it out.

Step 2: Measuring the Bottom

Now you will need to take the bottom box of the phone case, turn it upside down (like a table) and measure into quarters. Make sure that you also measure the sides of the box! Use your ruler for nice straight lines so it will work nicely.

Step 3: Cutting the Box

You can do this either with a crafting knife or scissors, whichever is easier for you, but you need to cut straight lines following your pencil marks until you have four corners of the box.

Step 4: Covering the Box

It is very likely now that the cut corners are ragged and unclean. If you want a nice finish or want to customise it, grab your wrapping paper and cover the top box as well as the bottom box corners.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Once all the pieces are covered, you will need to arrange the corners in the box so that the edges/corners are facing the middle. This will give you four rectangular segments which you can use to store anything from essential oils to makeup to stationery. Enjoy!

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