Introduction: Recycled Water Bottle Carrier

So this is a really simple project made from old recycled water bottles because classrooms always seem to have them. This project is designed for a classroom with table groups or something similar. It uses a 3D printed carrier to use a hold water bottle to store school supplies in separate containers that can even be switched out for other containers. The theory is that a teacher would preload water bottles with supplies and then every morning could fill each table caddy with the supplies necessary for that day. Modularity and recycling were driving factors in this project.


At least 4 water bottles

3D printer

Gorilla glue

Step 1: Download and Print the Pieces

Download the .STL files and print to create your carrier. Feel free to mix up the colors to designate supplies, red for pens or colors for highlighters. This shape is designed to contain the water bottles but also allow for swapping and mixing it up. I found it easier to glue if it was a tighter fit and you can always sand the inside a bit to make it fit. I also updated the center piece to include a groove for the handle so it goes on perfectly straight.

Step 2: Clean Bottles

This is where the recycling starts, grab as many water bottles as you like and start by taking the wrapper off and cleaning them with soap and water. This is very important for using them in a classroom environment where kids are.

Step 3: Finish the Bottles

To finish the bottles, cut the top section off with a knife, careful not to cut too low or the upper piece holding the bottle wont function. Try to smooth the cut with a hobby knife, then take duct tape and cover the top surface to avoid any sharp edges. As a personal touch you can decorate each bottle with tape strips, labels, or even paint each one.

Step 4: Assemble the Holder

So to assemble the holder slide the base onto the bottom of the holder and I used a dab of gorilla glue to adhere it because it expands and fills in the cracks and spaces. Then put the support ring on from the top to the desired height, put it 5-10 mm below the top level of your water bottle to make sure its helpful. I used a UV glue but gorilla glue would also work here to fill space. Then glue the handle on to the top surface of the holder, You could also drill holes and use a zip tie to hold the handle down.

Step 5: Add Your Supplies

Add supplies to each water bottle. If each bottle is for a single supply then add pens to one and pencils to the other, or if you have table groups of four then each student can have a bottle and they can fill it with what they need for each day. These are designed to be carried often and should withstand moderate wear and tear from kids, obviously smashing may break it but the modular nature allows you to replace only one piece rather than the whole thing if it breaks.

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