Recycled Wine Cork Necklace Tutorial

Introduction: Recycled Wine Cork Necklace Tutorial

About: There are very few educational jewelry companies that exist and there are even fewer that let their viewers learn how to make jewelry directly through video. We have developed our entire business model through… in association with Purr-fectly Unique Jewelry presents: Recycled Wine Cork Necklace Tutorial. This lesson is a great way to recycle an old wine cork and turn it into a wearable necklace!

Published jewelry designer Susan Karczewski walks you through her one-of-a-kind tutorial. By adding your favorite charms to your cork, along with some furniture nails, you will be able to theme your cork in a way that represents who you are as an artist. This necklace tutorial is sure to make a statement once you have completed this piece!

For this lesson you will need:
Twelve Furniture Nails
Two 10mm Round Jump Rings
Five 6mm Round Jump Rings
Lobster Claw Clasp
2”, 2-½”, & 3” Pieces of Cut Chain
Three Charms
Wine Cork
26” Piece of Chain
Two Mirror Rosettes
Two Small Screw Eyes
Needle Nose Pliers

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Step 1: Watch the Video Above to Get Started!

We are educating the masses on how to make jewelry through our easy to follow video tutorials! Please watch the above video lesson and feel free to pause, fast forward, and rewind as much as you would like during your training. Through video, we allow you to work at your own pace and have a complete visual representation of every step that is required to make the piece of jewelry that is featured in our lesson.

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