Introduction: Recycled Yogurt Cup Screw Storage

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I like yogurt, especially these from locale cheese dairy. These yogurts are always filled in fine plastic cups. There are already many great ideas out here what we can make with empty yogurt cups.

I like to present you instructable in how to make a screw storage and recycle yogurt cups. Watch the following video to get an impression about my idea. (There are English captions because I speak German.)

Step 1: What Do You Need for This Project?

To be clear, my instruction involves a 3d-printer. If you don't have one, feel free to grab just my idea and make your storage with a different material.

Step 2: Adjust the CAD-Model to Your Cup Size

Depending on the country you live, the diameter of the rim from your yogurt cup will vary.

The *.stl file for a cup with a rim diameter of 73mm you find attached to this instructable.

Fusion 360 file for screw mount:

Fusion 360 file for magnetic mount:

It is easy to adjust the CAD-file to the rim dimension you need. You just have to open it in Fusion 360 and adjust the one parameter. Every geometry will adjust itself depending on the new dimension.

If you have trouble with adjusting the CAD to your needs don't hesitate to write me a comment with the diameter you need.

Step 3: Print the Cup Holder on Your 3D-Printer

Now you can print your cup holder.

As I explained in the video, the design os optimized to print it tilted on the chamfer by 30°. This allows you to print it without any support material.

Step 4: Finish Your Cup Holder

On the 3D.printed part is a small flap, which has to be removed. It was helpful to hold the part on the print bed.

Depending on which model you choose, you have to insert the screws or the magnets.

Now you have to decide, where you want your small part storage.

If you like to do me a favor, write me a comment, where you mount yours and what you store in your cups.