Introduction: Recycling E-liquid Bottles Into a Funky Sign.

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I had a lot of empty e-liquid bottles sitting around and some spare time so instead of throwing them away and pollute the planet, I decided to create something funky.


1.E-liquid bottles of similar size.

2.Hot glue gun.

3.Surface for mounting.

4.Some light source, I used a 12V LED strip which I control via an ESP8266 module but you can use your own.

5.Power suplly for the light source.

6.Vaping experience.

Step 1: Making the Letters

Hot glue the bottles together to create the letters and gather the surface and the light source(in this case a 12V rgb LED strip).

Step 2: Mount the Letters and the LED Strip to the Surface.

Hot glue the letters abd the LED strip(if it has no adhesive tape) to the surface.

Step 3: Power It Up.

And there you have it, the easiest project ever that saves the planet from some plastic rubbish!

If you want to do it my way and control an rgb LED strip via an ESP8266, follow the youtube video below,

You will need an ESP8266 and 3 BJTs or 3 MOSFETs(I used MOSFETS), remember to not use a 12V power supply for the ESP8266.