Introduction: Recycling Earbud Wires Thingy

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The aliens are at it again! While you were sleeping, those extraterrestrials sabotaged your earbuds. Now you're left with some wires that could be put to good use, instead of being thrown in the trash O_o

Step 1:

What you'll need is a no brainer. Even a disease-addled zombie can figure this one out
Just take out your standard jewelry making kit (clasps and key rings),but replace the cord with the earbud wires

Step 2:

Measure thy neck before you cut. Leave an inch or two for the knot (unless you have a better idea of securing the clasps). Remember, cut the wire, not thine neck

Step 3:

Add a split key ring to each clasp. The cord will be too thick, if y'all know what I mean O_o

Step 4:

Tie the knot thingy

Step 5:

String thy necklace, then tie off the other end
(In case those pesky aliens confiscated all thinejewelry as well, make the pendant out of broken glass, like on the pic above)

Step 6:

Started from the bottom, now we here. Just wish world domination was easy as this. When I become world dictator, I'm banning homework. Speaking of homework.... Hehe... I'll be back

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