Introduction: Red Oak Wood Underbed Drawers, Bookshelf, and Side Table

The underbed drawers relinquished so much more space in our room and helped us immensely organize our stuff. We condensed our dresser, armoire, shoe boxes, bags, yoga mats, linens, towels, and books all under our bed. It's graduated our vibe in the room to a whole new level.

Step 1: Structural Frame

The pictures don't show it, but I made the bed frame from two main separate pieces (So I could take it apart and carry it through a door frame). I could've made the bed frame from 4 separate modular pieces, but that will be for next time. =)

Step 2: Bookshelf

Step 3: Adding Joists and Top Pieces

Step 4: Making Drawers

Step 5: Applied Tried and True Oil Varnish

Step 6: Adding Motion Sensor LED Lights for Bookshelf

Motion sensor LED light strip