Red Velvet Halloween Ghost Cupcakes



Introduction: Red Velvet Halloween Ghost Cupcakes

Step 1: Red Velvet Cupcakes

125g / 1 Cup Plain Flour

168g / 3/4 Cup Caster Sugar

57g / 1/4 Cup Unsalted Butter

1 Large Egg

1/4tsp Salt

1tbsp Cocoa Powder

1/4tsp Baking Powder

120ml / 1/3 Cup Buttermilk

1/2tsp Vanilla Extract

Red Food Colouring

1/2tsp White Vinegar

1/2tsp Baking Soda

Begin by beating the butter and sugar together for 2-3 minutes, add in the egg and beat again. Mix the flour, cocoa, salt and baking powder together. Sift half of the mixture into the batter and beat together for 2 minutes. Add the red food colouring to the buttermilk and mix together before pouring into the batter. Sift in the remaining flour mixture and beat together on a medium speed for a minute. Finish by adding the vinegar to the baking soda and mixing it into the batter. Spoon the mixture into cupcake cases and bake at 175 degrees celsius for 18minutes.

Step 2: Buttercream Frosting

225g / 1 Cup Unsalted Butter

375g / 3 Cup Icing Sugar

4tbsp Double Cream

1tbsp Vanilla Extract

Typically red velvet cakes calls for a cream cheese frosting but since we're making ghost cupcakes I decided for a buttercream frosting which is whiter in appearance.

Beat the butter and slowly add in the icing sugar. Once combined, mix on a medium to high speed for 5 minutes. Add in the cream and vanilla and beat for another 10 minutes until pale and fluffy.

Pipe the buttercream onto the cupcakes. You want to pipe on lots of icing so you have room to draw on little faces.

Finally create your ghost faces using some black icing and a toothpick.

Step 3: Enjoy!

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