Introduction: Red Hot Chilly Peppers!(in Olive Oil :-P)

There is a simple solution my grandma gave me, for cold days and nights, for those who do not have enough money to pay the bill of electricity (!) when staying indoors, for those who run out of wood for the fireplace, and for those who spend many hours being outdoors under cold weather conditions. Bottled Red hot chilly peppers,swimming in olive oil, is the suggestion. There are some varieties of peppers,which have that unique hot taste. Red is said to be the color that indicates that hot taste in pepper. Some drops of this mixture, can keep you warm for several hours! It is tested and guaranteed, as i have been using this recipe for the last several months. This period I serve my one-year army duty, in an army camp located in the north part of Greece , where temperature reaches 15 celcious degrees below zero (15 C) during nights of the winter and have been spending many hours just standing at a viewpoint, holding gun and all that stuff, not having slept much for a couple of days. A small miniature bottle, is what keeps me going....

Step 1: Buy Red Peppers. Red Color Indicates "burning" Ability.

Grocery's store have many varieties of peppers, fresh or bottled. It is the place you can be given an advice of which kind of pepper is suitable for the purpose you want it, by an expert. Choose red peppers.

Step 2: Chop Peppers. the Smaller Pieces U Cut, the Hotter "magic" Liquid U Will Get.

In the kitchen:Chop the peppers with a knife into small pieces. Keep the seeds from each pepper. They have hot taste and they are they "key" for our hot liquid.The smaller pieces u cut, the hotter liquid u will get.

Step 3: Use Good Quality Oil, Olive Oil Suggested.

Fill a bottle up with oil of good quality (olive oil prefered), and get the chopped peppers with their seeds in the bottle. Keep it there, and let it "have a rest", for about 6 days so as peppers give their substances to the oil. After that, our magic liquid is ready to give us warmth when needed!Only a few drops is what we need each time. It can be swallowed with a teaspoon, or put some drops in a plate and use bread to wipe it,or it can be added to soups and many other foods, after having cooked them and when their temperature is not very very hot. Apart from the peppers, high calorie value of this liquid gives body the ability to remain warm.