Introduction: Redneck Selfie Stick

How to save the day when faced with a minor crisis.

Step 1:

You're out in the woods camping with your family when the wife says (yells) YOU FORGOT THE SELFIE STICK!!! You relax,knowing this problem is easily solved with a little Macgyver knowhow.

Step 2:

You casually stroll around until you find a stick the length you need, if it is too long just break off a hunk. Next take an empty aluminum can, if you don't have an empty this is a good time to empty one ( use a beer can to make the premium selfie stick). Flatten the middle of the can so that your smartphone will rest inside the can.Next take your roll of duck tape (you do carry one at all times don't you) and tape the can to you previously chosen stick. All thats left is to place the phone inside the can and secure it, I used zip ties because I happened to have them handy but tape, string,wire, whatever you have available will work. There you have it! The wife's happy, your happy, now time to empty a few more cans incase you need to make a few more premium models for friends.