Reduce, Rebound, Recycle

Introduction: Reduce, Rebound, Recycle

Social events produce large amounts of waste from aluminum cans to plastic cups, all of which can be recycled. Previously, there were no programs in place to encourage this recycling, so students threw them away and caused negative affects on the environment.

Our team decided the best way to help combat this issue was to add a competitive, fun nature to recycling. Everyone knows how popular basketball is here in Indiana, so why not make recycling like a game of basketball? The object of our Reduce, Rebound, Recycle game is to throw the cans/bottles through the hoop, that countdowns from 99. Once 99 baskets have been made, the Indiana University fight song will play declaring victory.

Step 1: Buy Materials

Motion sensors- PIR Motion Sensors-

SparkFun RedBoard -

Lilypad LED Red 5 count -

LilyPad Buzzer -

Breadboard - self-adhesive -

Copper Tape – 5mm (50 feet) -

Wall Adapter Power Supply -

Hook-up Wire -

Step 2: 3-D Print the Rim

Using Tinkercad, design a rim to hold the motion sensor and wires. Engrave a square into the front of the rim facing the backboard to fit the motion sensor. Hollow out the side of the rim in order to connect wires from the motion sensor to the RedBoard.

Step 3: Laser Cut the Backboard

Laser cut a piece of wood strong enough to support the backboard. Engrave a rectangle on the backboard to make it aesthetically pleasing. Laser cut segments above the rectangle to make a scoreboard.

Step 4: Attach Components

Using wood glue, attach the rim to the backboard. Glue the RedBoard and Breadboard to the back of the backboard and glue the net to the rim. Then glue the backboard to the stand.

Step 5: Wire the Hoop

Attach copper tape to the back of the backboard to create parallel circuits around each laser cut segment of the scoreboard. Solder three LEDs to each segment. Solder wires to each segment and attach to the RedBoard and Breadboard. Tape the motion sensor to the inside of the rim and wrap the wire around the hollowed out rim to attach to the RedBoard. Glue a buzzer to the back of the backboard and attach to the RedBoard.

Step 6: Upload Code

Upload the code to the RedBoard. Write the score with LEDs by creating subcommands for each number in the ones place and the tens place. Initialize the code to show 99. When motion is detected subtract one from the score by using two variables to keep track of the current score for the ones place and tens place. Once the score reaches zero, play the Indiana University fight song.

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