Introduction: Reduction Water Supply Pressure at Home.

In public water networks there is often a fluctuation in water pressure. This condition affects all the components connected to the network. Batteries, showers, water valves, etc. WARNING: Interference with the water supply is authorized to carry out only by an authorized person! Unauthorized intervention can cause serious damage.

Step 1: Reduce

When disproportionate burden may occur pressure fluctuations in the system and then crack sealing, or hoses. At a water pressure of 5-6 bar will object to flooding and damage in a few minutes, this is normally pressure in water supply in my country. Many water valves, hoses, equipment is often manufactured to max. 6 bar. For this reason is good reduce and stabilize pressure in the home water system.

Step 2: Reducing Valve.

This device used to reduce the pressure - this is reducing valve (with water manometer) . Specifically, this is made in Italy.

Step 3: Cut Main Pipe

!!! STOP THE MAIN WATER SUPPLY VALVE !!! before this step and cut the main water pipe (with the special pliers)

Step 4: Install Device

Insert and fold all parts device according to the manufacturer's instructions. Use gasket or special sealing thread.

Step 5: Test and Setting

Opening main water valve,, setting, tightness test and functionality.

Step 6: Filter

Again !!! STOP THE MAIN WATER SUPPLY VALVE !!! before this step and cut pipe. Before valve installation is required particulate filter. Water is not perfectly clear and without this filter may soon damage the reduction valve.

Step 7: Finish, Reduced Press Approx. 3 Bar