Refrigerator Convenience Bins

Introduction: Refrigerator Convenience Bins

How frustrating it is to have to search through drawers to find things that you use in the kitchen all of the time. When you need to make a note, wouldn't it be nice to have a pencil and paper right in front of your eyes. And how many times have you need the sharp little knife, or the measuring spoons or the meat thermometer. An then there is that little radio where you can quickly catch up on the news, if you can find the radio. Never fear the solution is here.

Step 1: Gather Together All of Those Things That Are So Often Needed

Before you actually gather everything that would be great to have at your finger tips, go to your local stationary store and head for the back to school section. I am posting this instructable today because I saw that the bts* stuff was out on display. If you move quickly you might be able to scoop up these locker bins. They do come in colours but I thought basic black would be elegant or something. Anyway they have magnets on the back because the producers of these bins actually thought they would be good to stick on metal lockers. Nonsense when there is perfectly good refrigerator just begging for the bins.

After rushing home with your newly acquired bins, quickly run them through the dw (diswasher) and while they are drying, go gather those items.

* back to school

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