Refubrishing Nike Sports Shoes

Introduction: Refubrishing Nike Sports Shoes

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Hey guys.....
University holidays and having nothing to do ..... so i have truned upto my nike shoes and thought if i can refubrish them then it will be a great idea ....
So i have found that they are in a cheesy condition and are quiet dirty ....
The main problem is that. the cloth on the from of both these shoes is teared off due to the design fault i guess.... so i have decided to replace it with a new one as i have already tried to fix that issue using CA glue but it dosent seems to fix that problem and now replacing them is the only way to end up doing a neat job.

Step 1: Cutting Off the Front Part.

First of all i have cut down the front net clothing on both the shoes.
In the photos you can clearly seen that in both the shoes the front net clothing have teared from both the upper edges and have glue on them which seems a bit dirty.
So i cut down these sections from both shoes and further cut off the uper shoe pads as they are in good condition.

Step 2: Washing the Shoes.

These shoes are quiet durable and are washable so i have wash them troughly and this produced some good results as you can notice in the pictures.

Step 3: Completing the Front Part.

Now using just two net cloth pieces i have completed the front part of the shoe and the upper shoe pads were attached using a nylon string.This all produced some nice results.

Step 4: Final Touchups.

At last i have put up the laces and polish was done on the front part ..... The shoes are refubrished and ready to rock....

Thanks for watching my instructable....

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

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    that so awesome! ? I will try my shoes! My shoe are always dirty! Then I can wash by myself then give to my grandma and she will sew my shoes for me! ? good job!? I would like to see your more ideas something else. Something fancy?